Are you a designer? Join Design Italy!

Are you an art designer or an art master? Join Design Italy!
We are looking for beauty masters all over Italy. If you are a designer, a maker or a creative, Design Italy is your global boutique, a single point of access to the international market of Made in Italy luxury products, as well as a meeting place and a community that grows over time, capable of developing synergy among the members.


The community of Italian designers
We join together and connect Designers in a value network that broadens the commercial horizons of the most exclusive Made in Italy and that transforms the platform into a real creative community.
Digital in support of creativity and know-how
Through digital we support our designers, bringing the uniqueness of the "beautiful and well-made" Made in Italy to the world and the world inside the Made in Italy, promoting collaboration, visibility and uniqueness.
Secure and guaranteed transactions
Our advanced technological systems guarantee safe transactions without any risk. All data entered on our site is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.
Complete management
A turnkey offer: we take care of logistics, marketing, special project development, and your customer care.
We want to tell and value your story and your uniqueness. We are a partner, not just a marketplace.


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